Back in the saddle, but the leather is already chafing!

Thanks for those still hanging with me.  It’s been a year (!) since I started my healthy life style and certainly there have been curves in the roads, shortcuts that became long-cuts, dips and hills, and some spin-outs.  I am still maintaining a 100 pound weight loss–but it should have been 122, so I’ve gained back 22 pounds!! Yikes! Clothes are starting to get a wee bit tight, so I’ve got to get in control of my life, and especially, my food addiction.  Looking way into the future is scary for me, so I’m gonna take this slowly.

So, for today (a common theme in OA by the way), I have resolved to do the following:

1. Take my vitamins and anti-derpressants! (Done)

2. Write down/track everything I eat or drink (so far so good) So far, I’ve had a greek yogurt with apple slices and coffee for breakfast, a Kind bar for snack; tuna with green beans and wasa crackers for lunch.  PM snack will probably be tea and an orange or an english muffin with light cream cheese.  Dinner will be tofu teriyaki or beans and rice or even maybe a salad–not sure what I feel like yet.

3. Think positive thoughts, trust in HP (failing!)

4. Prayer daily (Done)

5. 30 meetings in 30 days (this can be phone, in person meetings, on-line and even pod-casts) (Not done yet, plan is to do a podcast on the way home)


There are some recent developments in my life that have me doing a lot of questioning–of myself, of my HP’s will for me, of other’s intentions. I hate feeling on edge, defensive.  I feel like I’m walking on eggshells and I have a heavy foot, so just imagine how I am feeling. But, enough of that—I CAN DO THIS, I WANT THIS, I AM WORTH THIS!!!!


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