Great things about Seattle

1. Space Needle: This iconic landmark, built in the 1960’s for the World’s Fair, stands tall and withstands rain, sleet, snow and an occasional earthquake!  While my fear of heights has not allowed me the courage yet for a view from the top, it is much fan to gaze at from the safety of the ground.  This Spring, the needle turns 50 and I’m sure that there will be some sort of celebration (fireworks, perhaps).

2. Pike Place Market: established in 1907, this hustling market is a great place for locals and tourists to get their fresh fish and flowers; I lament that I don’t get a chance to get down there often enough.

3. Starbucks: established in honor of my birth (just kidding), this institution is now recognized world-wide.  Seattle claims the first ever, and I’ve been there!  And many more too!

4. Kerry Park: this small snippet of a park (if you can call it that) is one of the best, if not the best, view points of downtown Seattle, with Mt. Rainier looming moodily in the background

5. Mt Rainier: After living in Seattle since 1996, I still find myself taken aback by the majestic beauty of this mountain, when we are lucky enough to have a clear day to view it fully.  Simply amazing!

6. Washington State Ferry Department: Kudos to our ferries; they are wonderful ways to get here and there and with some nice scenery along the way.  There are short routes that are great just for the experience.   I recommend wandering around Bainbridge Island on a nice day.

7. Lake Union and Lake Washington: Water, water everywhere!  Seattle has one of the busiest water systems that I know when you consider the amount of people boating, using the ferries, kayaking, rowing or swimming.  On my commute, I have to cross a small local bridge and get to see the University of Washington’s crew team often.

8. Weather: you have to not mind rain to live here (I don’t, mostly), but the first sunny day after a dreary winter?  You simply forget that it just rained and/or was grey for 3 months!  Truly, the Emerald city shines like nowhere else I have ever been on a clear, sunny day!

9. “Ferries in the fog”: combining #’s 6 and 8, the sound of the ferry horn early in the morning, on a typical grey/foggy day, is one of my all-time favorite sounds in the world!!!  Makes me smile each time-can’t explain it.


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