My Goals

1. Fruits 2x a day, 6 days a week

2. Start exercise program in March (water aerobics and toning cords)

3. Journal at least 3 times a week (can use this blog as documentation!)

4. Reduce negative self-talk (will be hard to measure this one)

5. Don’t weigh-in more than once a week (I get very obsessed with the scale, to the point where if it’s not moving the right way, I can self-destruct!)



My “weight loss bucket list“: things that my weight have prevented me from doing physically or psychologically!

1. Swim with dolphins while in the Caribbean ( life long dream!)

2. Snorkel while in the Caribbean next December

3. Take a bicycle ride around Greenlake

4. See a Broadway show at the Paramount (seats are way too constrictive right now)

5. Get a massage (never had one!)

6. Learn to kayak or row

7. Zipline

8. Ride a segway

9. Travel more! (and be more comfortable doing it!)

10. Live life to the fullest!!! Stop being afraid to try new things,  and open up emotionally.


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