My weight loss plan

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, OA or what? People have started to ask me what plan I am on, and my best answer is none of the above and all of the above!!!

Bad answer, I know, but I’m really not on any one specific plan. Overall, it would be most similar to Weight Watchers, except I’m not bothering with all those points (never did do well in math!).

My plan is to basically make better choices day by day, cut down in portion sizes, stay away from fast food, be accountable for what I eat by keeping a food log, and start moving a little (at least for now).  I also don’t do well with eating fruit, so I usually do make a goal of eating 2 fruits every day.

I love water, so no problem with that, at least!  And a great tool for me is the “MyFitnessPal” app (on my I-Phone).  This is what I use for my food tracking-awesome tool!

Now, I have been on the weight loss coaster since I was young, and I don’t judge anyone’s methods/plans/choices since it is all so individual in terms of what works for someone.  Another good resource that I may end up using again is TOPS (Take off pounds sensibly).  It’s basically a support group with a weigh-in for that accountability piece.

I won’t be weighing in weekly since I know from past experiences my tendencies to obsess with those numbers.  I will use my energy, joint pain and dress size as a measure of progress, and may start weighing in monthly.  I haven’t totally decided…


So, in the spirit of losing weight….”let the pounds roll off”!


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